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At the age of six – in 1970 – I received a box with colourful wooden bars. They were not meant to play with, they were meant to learn to count with. Every number from 1 to 10 had a particular colour. Because colours make me happy, maths never did, I’ve been associating every number from 1 to 10 with one particular colour all my life. I always preserved that box with bars. Knowing that one day I’d do something with it. Before I went to the conservatory to study drama, I was in serious doubt. Should I study product design or photography? My parents gave a great deal about interior design, having furniture made to measure, about art, about music. Although I’ve been a presenter, an actress and a singer for many years now, there was always the urge to create things with wood and steel, with enamel, with porcelain, with light… colourful or sleek and simple. Timeless and unique designs. This a new story that I can tell without standing on a stage.

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The support of the tables is available in naked steel, painted steel or brass metal. The tabletop comes in wood, in enamel or in porcelain. Collaboration with the Emaillerie Belge for the enamel and with Studio Stockmans for the porcelain. Prices on request.

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Andrea is happy to be given the opportunity te create a few designs for Serax. A collection of side tables, fitting into different interior styles and having various functions: as a coffee table or side table, gracing the hall, the terrace, or a hotel lobby. And a bench/table covered in leather, with a wooden surface at one end. The steel frames with removable surfaces can also be used outdoors. The emerald green, ultramarine blue, black and white table tops are interchangeable, so the user’s own creative impulses will also be invoked.

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